About Us

This is the year!!!  I woke up one morning and realized that I was about to hit a milestone, I was almost the BIG 40!  Sitting there looking at my life I felt like something was missing, I had this spark that I knew I wanted to ignite.  While I have an amazing supportive family that I am and will always be thankful for, there was still this place in my heart that felt unoccupied.  Waking up that winter morning after turning 39 and looking in the mirror I gave myself a pep talk and decided this is the day I begin the next chapter in the story of my life.  After convincing myself I should totally do this, I decided to share my dream and vision with my family.  I needed to know that I had their support and once I knew they were on board I was ready to move forward. That’s when I decided that now was my time, that this was my year for the taking.  

As an avid small business supporter, I’ve watched these small local business grow while living vicariously through them.  Laughing with them, crying with them, sharing in their excitement and accomplishments.  Feeling overjoyed for their success.  Craving all of those things for myself and my family, I decided to launch eHMbellish Boutique.  

Why that name, eHMbellish?  Coming up with the name of any business is never easy, as it needs to be representative of your style and hold a place near and dear to your heart.   eHMbellish, was suggested after brainstorming with a dear friend.  HM has always been my nickname, it stands for High Maintenance in my world.  I have always had the high maintenance style and needs of a champagne woman on a wine budget, (I don’t like beer so I have no budget for that :)).  So eHMbellish was born.  My vision and dream for eHMbellish was to start with a small online fashion boutique eventually expanding into the home decor world as well and ultimately having a warehouse full of products to provide to my loyal and new customers.  But one chapter at a time, so for now we start small and just dream big.    

I am a wife, a mother of two handsome boys, and a successful full-time boss in the public service industry.  I enjoy spending time with my family above all else.  Having the opportunity to show my littles how to run and grow a small business would be an amazing life lesson and one I can’t wait to share with them.

My dream of opening a store stems from years ago when my mother and I talked about opening up a brick and mortar store after visiting one of our favorite vacation spots Branson, Missouri.  For years we simply talked about it and to this day have never moved forward with it because as they say “life happened” and the timing was never right.  We soon learned that the time would never be right or perfect, you just have to take the leap of faith and know that God is there with you every step of the way.  I’ve said my prayers and will continue to do so and now I am taking my leap. 

A want to say a special thanks to my family, my mother and my sister for always supporting and encouraging me.  To my friends who have vowed to go on this journey with me.  Who helped me come up with the name, who have helped me set up the company, helped me determine what my customers look like and what type of customer I want to attract to my company, who have been there and will continue to be there for me.  This would all just be a dream without you all.   

As for you, I want to say “Thank You”!  Thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about my company and vision.  I hope that you take time to subscribe to our email list and consider making a purchase before you go. 

We truly appreciate every purchase and look forward to serving you!

Kate Lange